Why Hotel Rooms Don’t Have A Clock

A hotel room has facilities and provisions to give clients the best experience. On that list of things in the room are elements like soap, mirrors, television screens, electric kettle, and more. As you read through the list, you see one item missing despite its critical role to the guests. It is a clock which has to be on the wall showing time. Could this be an omission, or is there an explanation we need to know so that we stop wondering about it?

Examining the list of things most guests want in a room gives a broader picture. In some cases, you can even close one eye, then try to imagine what is not needed. A towel, together with toiletries, cannot be on the list of non-essentials. The critical items on this list are those needed for excellent hygiene away from your home. When all these important ones are available, the next group comes in to add class with extra comfort.

Moving along any given street would

If you have to make a choice between extra comfort and hygiene, the latter would carry the day anywhere. This is due to the importance of maintaining our surroundings and bodies clean all the time. Are we already missing the point in bringing up all this? This point remains in focus as we look at why most hotel rooms do not have a clock. Things have gone through change with numerous adjustments in how we make certain decisions. It used to be classic to walk around with a wristwatch and enter a home that had a wall clock.

Moving along any given street would reveal one thing to your curious mind. There are too many individuals who go about the affairs of the day without putting on a watch. Even gifts exchanged between friends have migrated from the famous watches. Instead, friends enjoy exchanging gifts involving electronic gadgets, clothes, together with other items. This already lays the background for the mindset against a clock on the wrist or wall. Upon visiting some homes, you will not find a clock in those homes, and they don’t mind at all.

We now have two related items

At some point, clocks were in fashion, attracting a lot of attention from the various sectors. Manufacturers used to make appealing clocks with enhanced decorations as time went by. Things started changing when electronic gadgets took over at a terrific speed. Everyone started turning to their cell phones to check their time, and plan their affairs. The counterpart to the clock is a wall calendar that displays the date on any given day. In most hotel rooms, these are not a feature you will find until you go to the reception or front desk.

We now have two related items you will not find in a hotel room. These items are a wall clock, and a calendar for that country, or region. For a while let us imagine that you are in a room where these two items are present. Would you find the room more attractive, relaxing, classic, and inviting? No, the room will start taking on a formal arrangement reminding you about grey suits. But a hotel room is not meant for such stressful reminders, which would even cause your blood pressure to go up. This is where you should relieve stress, and enjoy a refreshing environment. You deserve this treatment for health reasons.

Why Hotel Rooms Don't Have A Clock

Coming back to the main item on the table, you can see that a clock can be a good idea in a hotel room. In fact, in some hotels, you can still find a clock to show what time it is. But as much as possible, this is where the mind should recoil and enjoy uninterrupted rest. The presence of a clock may not add much to such a mission, and it cannot contribute much to a serene environment. Additionally, why add an item that the guest already has well in advance?

Every guest who books a room already has a cell phone which has a clock and calendar to handle his appointments. That is why you have entered hotel rooms without even noticing that such an item was missing. The same is true with many homes you’ve visited. You never realized there was no clock because you carried it on your mobile phone.