Horrific Events In The Lodge

Horrific Events In The Lodge

Any building that can be used as a recreational facility especially during summer or for hunting purposes can be referred to as a lodge. Sometimes, lodges can be found at the entrance of a main building or at other times, they can be found around a pond used as a beaver’s shelter. Hotels in rural areas or resorts can also be referred to as a lodge and expenses or rent fees are usually on the downside or cheaper. Although in October 2017 a project was announced about casting a film, in 2019 a psychological horror movie was released. The title of that movie was ‘The Lodge’, it is a very terrific movie that received many positive reviews from film critics during its release. The film was directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, somewhere in Europe.

The film explains the troubles of a young lady who was engaged to a widower. The widower was left with two children after his wife committed suicide. In the plot, the name of that widower is Richard while his wife who had committed suicide was Lora Hall. Lora Hall committed suicide because Richard had explained to his wife that he was going to get married to a lady he met during one of his research about a Christian cult group. The name of the lady who he met happened to be Grace Marshall, who was the only survivor of the mass suicide that was committed by that extremist cult group.

While they spent time together, that

Laura was devastated by the idea of Richard getting married to Grace, so she separated from him and later killed herself. Although the death affected her family, especially those teenage children Aiden/ Mia, Richard and the kids decided to spend their Christmas with Grace so that they could get to know each other better. During that time, Grace happened to live in a remote Lodge that belongs to their family in Massachusetts.

While they spent time together, that lady and the children experienced a number of events that they could not explain. It seemed to be supernatural experiences that connected to the young lady’s past. The kids even uncovered video footage of a cult group dressed in purple silk with duct tape across their mouths which read ‘scene’. The children didn’t want to bond with Mrs. Marshall because of their findings, therefore, they acted very hostile towards that lady.

She also discovered that the generator

Richard wasn’t around to help make things better since he had traveled back to the city following work obligations. Over the next couple of days, strange things began to happen. Aiden, one of Richard’s kids, had given Mrs. Marshal a cup of coffee, only for that lady to wake up the next day to discover that some of their belongings had gone missing. It included their clothing and pet dog, as well as food/ Christmas decorations.

She also discovered that the generator had gone out while all their cellphones were dead. Initially, she thought the kids were trying to play a prank on that lady, then she went over to their rooms to discover that their belongings had gone missing. When she checked the clock, she found out that the time and date had gone back to January 9th. One of the kids, Aiden, explained to Mrs. Marshall that he had dreamt about the gas heater suffocating all of it due to malfunctioning, that they could probably be in the afterlife. It pushed the young lady into depression all through that period.

Horrific Events In The Lodge

This Depression led to anxiety which resulted in a nervous breakdown. The nervous breakdown intensified, making that lady begin sleepwalking and having tormenting visions. There were times when she heard the voice of their late father sermonizing. All these inexplicable events continue to happen in that Lodge, and she was convinced that they were in purgatory. The kids worried that she might die off the events they had put that lady through.

That night the children tried to run away after witnessing Grace’s situation, but they were stopped and trapped by the snow. Grace pulled them back into the lodge and sat them at a dinner table with their late father’s corps singing ‘Nearer My God to thee’. The film grossed $76, 251 dollars during the first week of its opening in 6 theaters in the United States, and in the following week, it showed in 21 theaters, grossing a total of $158, 047. Finally, the Lodge showed in a total of 322 theaters and grossed a worldwide amount of $2,681, 784 dollars. The website review was based on 163 different reviews, it gave the lodge an approval of 75%, making it an average of 7 out of 10 movies that were unique and a psychological horror best fantasy movie of all time.